The Upton Realty Guiding Principle….

I’m not just your agent. I’m your problem solver. Your declutterer. Your home stager. Your neighbourhood guide. Your number one supporter and your fiercest advocate. You’re far from just another client. You’re a friend. And one thing’s for sure... I give 110% to my friends.

Going above and beyond for each and every client.

MEET LeighAnn Carmody

Founder + Realtor

I’m one of the lucky ones. Why? Because I’ve found a job where my passion and purpose collide.

I’ve always loved homes. Their history. Their design. Their story. But there’s one thing I love more than homes, and that’s people. I simply LOVE helping people find the perfect place to live.

For me, it has never been about pay day. It’s always been about helping someone with a huge moment in their life - buying or selling their home.


I’m passionate about taking the anxiety out of the buying and selling process. About finding the right home, for the right price. About turning clients into friends. About going above and beyond to make my clients feel seen and heard.


I’m a lover of browsing flea markets and thrift shops. Rescuing and reviving home goods. Morning cuddles with my son. Indulging in a Caprese Clasica from my favorite local Italian place. And finishing my day with a peppermint sage tea.

why upton realty?

1. I am truly, authentically and unapologetically me.

I will never turn up in a suit that doesn’t quite fit in a car that I can’t quite afford. My priority is giving you the very best of me. I am who I am. But honestly? That is my superpower.

2. I intentionally maintain a small client load.

I only ever work with 2-3 clients at one time. This means you will get ultra-personalized service, swift communication and around-the-clock support. Send me a text? I’ll hit you back ASAP. Need to see a house at the last minute? I’ll get you scheduled for the first available showing that works for you.

3. I prioritize transparency.

You know that super honest friend who will fight to the death for you, but will also tell you that your latest fling is bad news when you ask what they think? Well, that’s me. I value candid communication deeply. A home is a huge financial investment, and I genuinely care about how your decisions will affect you.

4. I am relationship driven.

My goal is to establish a relationship that lives on after the buying and selling. I will ask questions and dig deep to find you your dream place. How big is your dog? What does your child enjoy? I’ll listen to what you want and uncover things that you didn’t even know you needed.

5. I offer a tailored experience.

Home’s a mess? I’ll help declutter before a showing. Have a blank canvas? I’ll stage it to maximize profit. Dogs on the loose? I’ll find a doggy day care for them to go to while we're showing. Feeling stressed? Let’s take a timeout and pop into a day spa to decompress.

6. I just love to make people happy.

I enjoy making the buying and selling process FUN. You can expect thoughtful gifts, a lot of laughter and complete, unwavering support. But, I can assure you that while I may look relaxed, I am highly organized, always on time and extremely reliable.

7. I have a team of really experienced Realtors backing me.

I’m not (totally) a one-woman show. I work closely with my brokerage team and personal mentors to ensure that I am doing everything I can and giving you the best advice possible when it comes to buying and selling.

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When it comes to delivering exceptional service, nothing is off limits.

My number 1 priority is not to close. It’s to get you the price you’re after, or the home your family needs.

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